Saturday, October 28, 2006

what has happened to me?

always known as the absent minded professor, i had already earned the reputation of being uninformed of most of the things in my office. things which included my salary slips, my locker and car keys, my insurance papers.
but it was a time when i really used to enjoy my absent mindedness. it would be fun reaching the desk in office and suddenly saying to myself "shit!! i did not bring the pen-drive along with me." and i would then treat myself to a leisurely walk from the desk to the parking lot for my lovely "zen", and then an expression again "shit!! left the car keys at the desk!!"
it is not age for sure that has been getting on to me. but is it then THE Cornell pressure!! hope not, simply because i am not taking any!! :)
my friends are really concerned, and now am getting irritated too at this absent minded attitude of mine too!!
hope to get rid of it soon!! need some major re-organization in my life.

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aman said...

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