Sunday, October 29, 2006

the transition from professional to academic life

I think this person likes me, the person named God. he has given me many, and still keeps on giving many good experiences to me with time. and one such was this recent transition of mine. the transition from professional to academic life, as opposed to the many others from student to professional life.

the design of the timing analyzer interface (details of which i shall avoid for the benifit of my readers) has been one of the best experiences of my life. and i hope neither me, nor jogi ji will ever forget the endless up-downs i used to make between the ground floor of synthesis and the first floor of the timing analysis. and i am really thankful to mahendra khalsa for at least proving my efforts fruitful in the end.

funnily to fulfill my desire of pro-activeness, i did take many parts of the timing analyzer in my own hands. and i really used to get surprised seeing the managerial delays in the project. and then i made the biggest mistake of my career, trying the side-development of the prototype analyzer by myself. i was working double, that meant double the work and half the results in ST-FPGA. a particulary bad decision; that was always suggested by Jogi's smile when i reported him the delays at the interface :)

i was about to lose it, and just when i was about to loose it, our very own baba came to my rescue. he gave me the lesson that i have always kept by my side, ever since then. and that is the beauty of baba too, he will say things so simply, that they go through your head. "you don't work by yourself, and you wait for people to ask you to do it". soon i found myself doing all the things falling in place, and the really ironic part came when i was assigned the job of timing optimization by none other than jogi ji again. he will smile when he reads it, because he knows that i was bad at it :)

but things are changing now, and though no one says it. but i can see the expectations of pro-activeness again

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