Tuesday, January 22, 2013

of letters

तारा जो दिखता है नभ पर , वो कहा है अब वहा ,
मटमैली अब भी देह है , राख चुकी गंगा नहा
यादे सतरंगी सही, मन तो बन्फशा रहा ।
क्षण भंगुर था प्रेम तेरा, वो भी तो पल अब ना रहा ।

इस कर जला देता हु अब की बोझ तेरे झूठ का ;
की खत वो संभाल कर रखते है जिन्हें एहसास बदल जाने का डर होता है ।

और आज मै उस एहसास से परे हू ।

Explanation :
The first four lines' first part signifies a visible lie, while the second part a not so obvious but definite truth.
तारा जो ... - means the star which you see in the sky has long back moved from that position.
मटमैली ... - means people think that all the body and soul have been purified with the ashes immersed in Ganga, while many of the remains still lie muddied at the crematorium
यादे सतरंगी ... - my memories are picture perfect with all vivid colors, yet mind is still not a pure frequency with all shades dark.

बन्फशा means of violet color.

The rest of the lines are simple.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

a couple of good friends

People who don't have a spine to take a stand and the balls to make efforts for a cause often blame society's forgetfulness as a reason for their inactions.