Monday, October 09, 2006

i have been like this since my childhood. and i still remember the heartahce i had when one of my dear friend's father got transfered from kota. i have not seen, neither met that friend since and i do not know if i will ever find him again in the more of this world. especially losing hopes after repeated failures of the technology gurus of google, orkut, linked-in in these ends.

they say that small incidence make great impact, and it did to me too. don't know if it was similar incidences like above,or if it was inherent in me, but i always was really worried of losing touch with my dear friends. time runs fast; and it is smart enough for cutting threads of moments between friends to run fast. the thought always makes me smile, the burglar knows how to steal moments from others to add to the ticks of its own self.

days have past, and i am finding myself getting more and more engrossed in the business of the hectic class schedules, and the beauty of ithaca that needs ages to capture! and as i am getting more "busy" i can sense the "losing touch" factor coming into play again.some people complain that i am not keeping in touch. and i pass the complaint to some!

for the ones who are not keeping in touch, this becomes tricky :)
all i can advise them is to remember that technology will never be all-encompassing, for the universe shall always have corners undiscovered.
and for the ones who complain that i am not keeping in touch,
believe me that i believe in what i wrote!!

हाथ छुठे भी तो रिश्ते नहीं छोडा करते
the line of a hindi ghazal that i always used to believe since i understood the meaning of this line!

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Anonymous said...

Shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends.