Monday, October 30, 2006

newton versus brahmagupta

in the words of "baba", the difference between a scientist and a rishi comes by understading the difference between "knowing" and "learning".

there had been many mathematician in the west trying to solve the intricacies of many different equations, and there was brahmagupta, just saying "chalit kalit vargo vivechika", the roots of the quadratic equations.

readers, please do not jump to the conclusion trying my effort as the defining grounds between "knowing" and "learning". it is another thing that i wanted to point out here.

for me it is not the fight between the east of know all and/or the west of learn all,
but it is the sweet confluence of the two.. and the joint lesson for me says..
"you should know that you need to learn, and you should learn what you need to know."

baba does the magic again!

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