Monday, November 06, 2006

the guerrilla warfare

America is the lands of guerrillas. And I had the insight to this while psuedo-touring the wineries around the great lakes around Ithaca. Big companies definitely dominate the news here, but small companies dominate the market for sure. I remember asking Debjeet once about the market of vegetables in Ithaca, and his insightful comment as to how the locals dominated the market there too!
One of the most common strategy of the guerrilla is to reduce the size of the battleground to gain superiority of the force. Is that what Mr. Jethmalani tried to do, with his outrageous attacks on the media too! He is an intellegent man, I must say. And he realizes that the battleground to fight is the court, and not the public opinion as far as conviction in case shall be concerned. It seems to me that he is using all the three elements of ambush, dissimulation and sabotage to full benifits to stregthen his case.
Ambush, for he hides behind the name "Jethmalani" when he openly accuses the press. His charges for creating "images" of the accused in public opinion might not be taken lightly. People, in this case the judiciary, has to believe that the press did "create" a public notion against Manu Sharma, thus diluting and winning the first round of negotiations with the bench sitting with the pen.
Dissimulation; this I think will be the real game which he shall play for the failure of our beloved police system. The ping-pong ball has already had a bad time, whether it was playing with tampered evidences, or with "forcing" people to make statements. Half truths cannot be belived and it will be simple for a man of his stature to make the authorities believe so.
The above two might work well for the benifit of the lawyer for sure, but the third strategy is benind my comprehension. It might as well mean the policy of workplace sabotage, the great dilemma for the supporters of trade unions. Trying to brand the press as the failing machinery here is the final blow that he could have given. Though assuming all the moral responsibility that a lawyer should hold, he openly rubbishes the fact of any social responsibility in the case.
Well I do not want to discuss if the lawyer is right or wrong here. But he definitely is a good entreprenuer for sure. At least he knows how to make good use of the guirrellas.

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